Los Angeles County Young Democrats (LACYD) is the premiere Young Democratic Club in the greater Los Angeles area. LACYD’s founders include Congressman Howard Berman, Congressman Henry Waxman, Los Angeles Controller Rick Tuttle, and many other Democratic leaders. LACYD was established to give young Democrats a voice and a vehicle for activism in local, state and federal political issues. 

Our members serve a key function with local, state and national Democratic organizations:

  • Work on important campaigns
  • Endorse key candidates
  • Support candidates financially
  • Register voters
  • Improve the world through community service
  • Train future leaders

With more than 1,400 members and supporters, LACYD has helped dozens of local, state, and federal candidates into office – many of them Young Democrats themselves. They remain at the forefront of the work to keep Young Democrats engaged, informed, and heard on issues of importance to young people.

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