LACYD Housing Action Kit

Join LACYD in taking a stand for affordable housing and urging our legislators to take action now.

You don’t need us to tell you L.A. County is one of the most expensive housing markets in the country. We all feel it every month when we pay our rent or our mortgage -- and it’s putting our generation's opportunity to build lives for ourselves in L.A. County at risk. With homelessness in LA County at crisis levels, LACYD is stepping up to take a leadership role responding to the crisis.

With the strong support of all our Board members, our Housing Working Group has sprung into action to make our voices heard and call on our legislators to support a set of housing bills -- SB 35 (Wiener), SB 2 (Atkins), and SB 3 (Beall) -- currently before them.

We have to speak up now! Join us and stand up for affordable housing!

How you can help:

  1. Read our Op Ed in LAist to learn more about the housing crisis and how it affects young Californians.

  2. Find your State Assemblymember and call their office, using our script, to share our strong support of SB 2, 3, and 35.

  3. Then, spread the word! Share our posts on Twitter and Facebook -- and use our social kit to send out your own posts to your networks.

Thank you for joining us to fight for the housing our generation needs.

Phone Script

Find your Assemblymember.

Hi, my name is [NAME].

I’m calling on behalf of L.A. County Young Democrats to urge Assemblymember [NAME] to support for Senate Bills 2, 3, and 35 -- to mitigate the affordable housing crisis that is burdening young people and making it too difficult for my generation to make a life here in California

Our group represents more than 1,400 young people across L.A. County. We’re speaking out to urge our legislators to stand with millions of young Californians by supporting these measures to make space for our generation to a gain a foothold here before we are priced out.

I urge Assemblymember [Name] to vote yes on SB 2, 3, and 35. Thank you.

Social Action

Tweet #1:

Join @LAYoungDems: call on legislators to act now to pass critical #AffordableHousing legislation. #CAHousingNow

Tweet #2:

Join @LAYoungDems: demand #AffordableHousing now. Tell your Assemblymember to vote YES on SB2, 3 & 35! #CAHousingNow

Tweet #3:

L.A. County's younger generation needs #AffordableHousing now. Calling on @NAME to support SB2, 3 & 35! #CAHousingNow

Facebook #1:

L.A. County’s expensive housing market is putting our generation's ability to build a life here at risk! I’m joining LACYD in calling on our state legislators to respond to the housing crisis now and vote yes on SB2, 3, and 35. #CAHousingNow

Facebook #2

You can take a stand for affordable housing today! Join me and use LACYD’s simple script to call your Assemblymember and urge them to vote yes on housing legislation to protect our generation’s future. Call now!